Salmo Rattlin’ Hornet Shallow

Weight: 3g - Diving Depth: to 0.5m

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Характеристики Товара

  • Available in 3.5 and 4.5cm sizes
  • Perfect for hunting all predatory species in shallow water
  • Same great Rattlin; Hornet action and attraction
  • Features Salmo’s long cast system for further, accurate casting
  • Internal fish attracting rattle
  • Dives to: 0.5meters (3.5), 0.7meters (4.5)
  • Weighs: 3grams (3.5), 5.5grams (4.5)
  • Available in 6 great fish-catching colours: Bright Beetle, Fire Bug, Green Tiger, Real Cockchafer, Holographic Real Dace and Supernatural Perch
  • Proudly made in Poland